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Our BTECH LDAP can be used to help you quickly build application with LDAP authentication and standard protocol using our Bootstrap BTECH framework! Just download your connection configuration and get started, no strings attached!

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NEED AN LDAP SERVER - We've got you!

Need an online LDAP directory server? Well, here you go. Just plug in the required parameters for the context, IP, port, login....and you are off to browse LDAP. Don't bother with trying to setup the IBM GSKit and DB2 binaries just to test your app. It's already done. Plug up and become productive now.

We also can support your LDAP or house your user entries in our Online Cloud Directory server at little or no cost to you! Again we do all the setup and support for the infrastructure.

BTECH LDAP Bootstrap has everything you need to get your new application or development testing up and running in no time! All of the LDAP setup is done with Basic Standard schema configured based on openLDAP. The basic use is FREE to connect and query , and easy to use. No strings attached!

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LDAP - At Your Service

Sturdy LDAP Structure

The BTECH LDAP uses the LDAP v3 protocol - the Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) authentication framework (RFC 2222) to allow different authentication mechanisms to be used with the LDAP.

Ready to Use Logins

Our free LDAP access gives you serveral IDS to login with and test with - Plus Groups and Memberships to search!

Make Updates to Your LDAP Tree

With Special Elevated Privileges, you can make updates (adds/deletes)of accounts and profiles within your assigned LDAP DIT Structure.

BTECH Integrator - Made with Passion

You can try our BTECH Integrator Product which is a must have to do simple Administration and LDAP Browsing!


Free Download of BTECH Integrator V4!

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Ready to start your next project with our FREE LDAP BTECH services? That's great! Give us a call or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

For Extra LDAP Administrative and User Access - Choose a plan below!

BTECH LDAP CLOUD - One Time Setup for Elevated Access!

(10.00usd) - Administrator with Limited Access Setup


BTECH LDAP CLOUD - 3 Month Setup for Elevated Access!

(25.00usd) - Administrator with Limited Access Setup


BTECH LDAP CLOUD - 6 Months Setup for Elevated Access!

(45.00usd) - Administrator with Limited Access Setup